UP Police Recruitment Notification 2023 details

UP Police Recruitment Notification | UP Police Recruitment 2023 | UP Police Recruitment Last Date | UP Police Recruitment Fees | UP Police Recruitment Physical Qualification | UP Police Recruitment Age Limit | UP Police Eligibility

UP Police Recruitment Notification

UP Police Recruitment Notification

Friends, in this article you read UP Police Recruitment Notification, UP Police Recruitment 2023, UP Police Recruitment Last Date, UP Police Recruitment Fees, UP Police Recruitment Physical Qualification, UP Police Recruitment Age Limit, UP Police Recruitment Exam Date UP Police Bharti Notification 2023 in Hindi Complete information is being given.

Friends, you will not have to see any other article related to UP Police, even though it is a bit long. Please read till the end. Candidates go to UP Police 2023 notification which has been released today only. 23rd December 3:00 It is now 3:30 in the evening. You have to read the gist of the complete notification here.

 The candidate has come for police recruitment for 60000 posts exactly as he said. The most heartening thing is that all these posts are of constables and that too of civil police constables. Now before this, the biggest recruitment of Civil Police Constable was 49568. Of these, 31000 posts were of Civil Police constables and the remaining 18000 posts were of Reserve Police. Now recruitment has increased from 31000 to 60000, almost double.

Those who are currently specially engaged in SSC GD recruitment, now two doubts will definitely come in their mind that if the exam can be held soon, discussions are going on. What should we prepare for in SSC GD and UP Police?

Candidates, on this matter I would like to say to those candidates that if you have both the exams then I would ask you to prepare only for UP Police Recruitment. The reason for this is that there are 26000 posts in the share for the entire state.

 In the Uttar Pradesh part of the state, only 272800 vacancies have come, perhaps there is more work than this and the candidates here have 60000 posts for the entire state. Hardly in history, a bigger recruitment than this has ever happened in any state because UP is the largest state and before this the biggest recruitment in UP was 49000. This recruitment is bigger than that of 60000.

UP Police Recruitment 2023 Application Date

Now check here UP Police Recruitment 2023 online application candidates start from 27th December. This means that the date for filling the form cannot be filled now, i.e. 27th December and

UP Police Recruitment 2023 Application Last Date

 UP Police Recruitment 2023 online application last date is 16th January.

I think this is a matter of great concern because the forms to be filled have to be filled in only 21 days. If these 5 days are also taken from 27th of December then it will be 16 days of January. These forms will be filled in 21 days. It is possible that the site will not run in the last 15 days. Hundred percent of its website may hang, that is why I am saying this sadly, 21 days is not much time. More than 25 lakh forms will be filled in this recruitment.

 And all the forms will be from the same state. Police vacancies come in Madhya Pradesh and vacancies come in Bihar, sites hang everywhere.

Where one month is given for the form. The site will hang in UP also, this will definitely happen, so I would advise you to submit your form from 27th to 31st December only. There will be least load here. If the rest will go ahead, it will not work, if it does not work, the date will increase, it will not increase, nothing is known, the UP Police seems to be in a hurry.

UP Police Recruitment 2023 Application Fee

 You would not have come out for recruitment earlier, now you are giving so little time, it is very sad, okay, how will the children be able to fill the form, okay, let’s talk further, friend, one and a half month is given, you would not have been coming out for recruitment earlier, now you are giving so little time. Yes, it is very sad, okay how will the children be able to fill the form.UP Police Recruitment 2023 Online Application Fee ₹400are also taking ok

UP Police Recruitment 2023 Age Limit

Now let us talk further, what is the age limit for UP Police Recruitment 2023 because the biggest doubt now is what is the age limit for the candidate.UP Police Recruitment 2023 age limit 18 to 22 yearsOnly has been taken. Whatever was their decision, a good thing has happened. Candidates were saved 1 year of UP Police Recruitment 2023 online application because this recruitment came on 27th December. If this recruitment came on 1st January then your child would have lost one year.

Candidate because it is the rule of UP Police that whenever the recruitment comes in a year, it will be sought further on 1st July of the year, if it comes in January then it will be sought further on 1st July 2024. In which year do the candidates have children? It is not so, why is it okay because a child who was 22 years old on 2023 will fill the form if he is not able to live together for one or two years or his life is like this and yes, only a child who is 18 and a half years old will be able to fill the form. 18 years on this date. Must be complete.

 You are fine, now if anyone asks here sir, if you don’t have clarity yet, please tell me a little more, then I will tell you about the candidate and this 25 year old woman, who has been a candidate for 25 years for the students. Okay, so on July 2, I will talk here that on July 2, 2001, this If he is a General, then take this as if the General’s child was born in 2001.

And if he is born before 2nd July i.e. in June it is also on 1st July, if he is born in I then he will be over age and if OBC child is born on 2nd July then the candidate will consider it as OBC, AC, ST, all three. Where if I reduce it by 5 years, I will do five things and 1996 will come.

1996 I am talking about boys, 2 July 1996 and those who are Jat will not come in OBC, here only those candidates from UP go to General in the center and here they will come in OBC, so if before 2 July 1996, If you are born, you will not be able to fill it and what will happen after that, but it should not happen much later, it should happen before July 1, 2005, that’s fine. If someone ever says that I was born in 2006, I will fill the form. No, okay, now you must have got clarity.

UP Police Recruitment 2023 Age Limit for Girls

 If I talk about girls, I saw the same thing here, they themselves wrote that for General, girls should not be born before this and OBC, SC and ST girls should be born before 2nd July, 2019. If not, i.e. 94, 95, 96, all these will be filled, but those who will be able to fill 93 are after July 2, 1993. I am in June 93 so he will not be able to fill it.

UP Police Recruitment 2023 Required Documents

If you are a native then you will have to get that domicile certificate made from that place too. Now we will talk about the certificate also. Now we will also talk about the certificate

UP Police Recruitment 2023 Educational Qualification

 Education 12th 10th and see kids here in IndiaMust have passed 10th and also passed 12th class.It must happen. No matter how many marks you have got in 12th, it doesn’t matter. You should pass 12th even if it is with grace, there is no problem. Okay, now move ahead, this is what makes you sexy next. I will talk about all the points of purity review later. Preferable. What is the qualification? Do not take any tension about the preference. It is not necessary to have O level certificate in computer from DOI, DOIACC or EELT committee.

Whatever it is, it is not for everyone, they say, brother, suppose your cut off is 210 and at 210, you have two children, take one, now whom should you take, Jim, those who have done any of these courses will take him, then this It will be seen, okay rest whether you have taken 211 or 210.25.

So only you will be taken, but how to do it, if the board gets stuck then what to do now, which of these should we take? Now let’s talk further.

UP Police Recruitment 2023 Written Exam

 Written Exam Written exam is of 300 marks

UP Police Recruitment 2023 Negative Marking

Right now I am telling them brother, there will be exactly one hundred and fifty questions and negative marking of 0.5 because one question is of two marks, now it is of two marks and if I divide it by four, then I will divide it by four, then only point five comes, so children are confused. No matter whether there is negative marking of A point five i.e. 1/2 or not, 0.5 means one divided by two but if it is a question of two marks then one fourth of two is one divided by two.

That’s why there is negative marking of one fourth, don’t worry about it, what else is the subject, there is no change in the pattern of the written exam, it is the same as before, now come forward, the written exam will be based on Omer. That means the paper will be offline.

 The paper will be cleared offline, very good, come forward and after the paper, what will happen in the second stage. To get recruited in UP Police, see, first there will be paper, there will be exam, this is the second stage, your documents will be checked and there will be measurement as well. Both the second stage tasks are done on the same day.

First the written exam result will come, there two and a half times the number of candidates will be called i.e. there are 60000 children, there are 60000 children, multiply it by two and a half times, it becomes 150000 children, these candidates will be called, for this, what will happen here for the second stage, all your There will be paper checks, whatever you have filled in your 10th, 12th, and all that together here.

UP Police Recruitment 2023 Document Verification

 Your second step will be on the same day i.e. your documents will be checked.

UP Police Recruitment 2023 Physical Exam

After document verification, your height and chest test will be done.

up police recruitment 2023 height

Now, if you are a boy then what is the required height? 168 cm is less than Delhi Police by 2 cm. Many children are not able to reach the height in Delhi Police, they come in the police and here if I say, then brother, your student candidate should also be a male, his height is 160. This much relaxation is taken for them and here ST also gets 5 cm relaxation in chest. If we talk about female students then their height requirement is 152 cm and only height is considered.

UP Police Recruitment 2023 Chest Measurement

 Your chest is also there, the requirement here is that 79 to 84, 79 without flowers and puffs, 84 is fine and here if I talk about female students, then their height is required to be 152 cms and only height is considered, chest is not considered. But here their weight is measured. What is the weight? 40 kg is required. This should be the minimum. Today this is measured for women and everyone should have this much. If you are going to join the police, otherwise then you are at risk of some disease. If the victim is not even 40, then he thinks it is okay and moves ahead.

UP Police Recruitment 2023 Physical Efficiency Test

Mr. Third, what is the physical efficiency test? 4.8 Km is the third step. First is the return. Second is DVPST and your waived toll and which is the third step? Candidate? Third step is your race. There is nothing just physical, only running. This is the most important thing. That no one fails in the physical in UP Police because here you are seeing that 4.8 kilometers running in 25 minutes is required for males i.e. for male and if it is female then it is for MIL and if it is female then it is required for 2.4 kilometers running in 25 minutes. Running should be done in 14 minutes.

 She is a female and brother does most of the physical, that is why he is asking for only two and a half times. Now, if I talk further brother, I will tell you everything about the preparation, don’t worry, I am telling you right now, don’t be hasty at all, when and how are you in the exam. I am discussing this matter now, I am coming immediately, first understand what, how and how to be recruited.

 DBPST exam is done and it is forgiven, the third step is running, now the final merit is as many as 60000, now the mother has passed, if there is someone in the height of 80000 or 90000, then only 80000 will pass with difficulty. 8085 How will you get all 60 in 8085, this neither. Waiting list cost and out of 80000 will take 60 274 ​​244 and will give them medical.

Now if you fail in medical then tax 2000, 3000 then the vacancy will not go vacant. It is said that 5000 vacancies are left vacant and a lot of issues have been raised about this but they do not agree. Okay, so it means brother, this vacancy will go vacant or not. Go child, as much as you have three steps, there are not even three of them, your return is the most, the rest, everyone will know the measurement and do all the running.

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