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Friends, in this article you read Pankaj Tripathi Biography, Pankaj Tripathi Wife Name, Who is Pankaj Tripathi, Pankaj Tripathi Web Series, Pankaj Tripathi Movie List, Pankaj Tripathi Wikipedia, Pankaj Tripathi Net Worth, Pankaj Tripathi Wife, Pankaj Tripathi Movies, Pankaj Tripathi National Award Complete information is being given.

Pankaj Tripathi Biography

Pankaj Tripathi Biography

Pankaj Tripathi Biography

Welcome to Social Pankaj Tripathi is such a great actor. You are always able to relate to those whose films you watch. Be it Pankaj Tripathi’s dialogue delivery or his philosophy regarding life, Pankaj Tripathi appears to be very humble. Pankaj Tripathi’s life is no less than an inspiration. Where he has worked hard for many years to become an actor. And have faced many rejections also.

who is pankaj tripathi

Friends, Pankaj Tripathi is a Bollywood actor. In this video, we will tell you 30 such facts related to the life of Pankaj Tripathi, through which you will be able to know him in a better way, so you are requested to watch this video till the end and this too was taken with a grain of salt. That if cinema work is not given then it will be nothing, I will earn my living by picking up a brick and stone, I can earn ₹ 3300 anywhere.

Pankaj Tripathi National Award

Pankaj Tripathi Award

Pankaj Tripathi Award

friends Pankaj Tripathi to star in Bollywood movie ‘Mimi’ForNational Film Award for Best Supporting Actor found. Here was the 69th National Film Awards ceremony in the year 2023.

Number 1 Pankaj Tripathi is bun and butt up in a small village in Bihar. Where his father was a farmer. Pankaj Tripathi himself has worked in the fields along with his studies. Pankaj Tripathi was fond of acting since childhood. Where he used to participate in street plays during festivals. Everyone used to appreciate him a lot after watching his drama. Due to which Pankaj Tripathi started taking more interest in acting, you live alone. No, we live with dad. Father lives alone.

Pankaj Tripathi’s parents

Number 2 was wanted by Pankaj Tripathi’s father. That he would later become a doctor, for which Pankaj Tripathi was sent to the city for coaching. But Pankaj Tripathi never had any desire to become a doctor.

Pankaj Tripathi also gave exams twice for medicine but he could not clear those exams and he was not able to understand anything. As to what he should do next, Pankaj Tripathi did a graduation course in Hotel Management. Along with his studies, Pankaj Tripathi was also active in theatre. And he never stopped doing theatre.

Pankaj Tripathi’s film career

Number 3 Pankaj Tripathi knew. That it would be very difficult for him to earn money from acting and he did not even have the option of going to Mumbai and struggling. He had family responsibilities and he understood this very well. Therefore, after graduation, Pankaj Tripathi started working in a five star hotel, through this job his finances were managed. And he used to save a good amount of money also. He used to have night shift in the hotel due to which he got some time for theater during the day.

Pankaj Tripathi’s life struggle

Pankaj Tripathi worked in a hotel for 2 years and then he lost interest in this profession. Pankaj Tripathi as a theater actor had become quite popular. And now he had his mind. It was not easy for him to leave his job midway to go to Delhi and take admission in the National School of Drama. Because he had to tell his family also about it.

Pankaj Tripathi told his family that after leaving his job, he now wants to study from NST. And very confidently he said that after studying from NST, I will get a government job. Very good. Hearing this, his father also did not object much but told Pankaj Tripathi that he will have to go to Delhi and bear his own expenses.

Pankaj Tripathi’s admission in NSD

Number 5 Pankaj Tripathi again reached Delhi and thought that he would easily get admission in NSD but after going there he came to know the reality that so many excellent theater artists had appeared in the NSD exam itself. Seeing this, Pankaj Tripathi realized that taking admission here was not going to be easy. Pankaj Tripathi could not clear the NSC exam in the first year and then he gave the exam again in the second year but still he did not clear the exam. After this, he tried again in the third year and this time he got selected.

Education of Pankaj Tripathi When did he pass out from NSD?

Pankaj Tripathi passed out from NST in 2004 and in the same year he got married to Mridula ji. Mridula and Pankaj Tripathi knew each other for 10 years. Where both of them met for the first time at the wedding of Pankaj Tripathi’s sister, this happened in 1994 or 1995. And at that time the trend of relationships was very different.

Pankaj Tripathi’s wife’s name

Pankaj Tripathi wife

Pankaj Tripathi wife

Pankaj Tripathi told in an interview that the day I Saw Mridula for the first time. That very day I came to know. That Mridula will become my life partner. When Pankaj Tripathi was not getting selected in NST. Still, Mridula always motivated him and as soon as he passed out from NST, both of them got married and one is the love of your generation. I saw you and fell in love for the first time. Everything was done in seconds.

Pankaj Tripathi has struggled in the industry for eight years. Where his first screen appearance was in the film Run where he had a scene of just a few seconds. You must remember this scene – Had the chicken got polio? Brother, it is not chicken biryani, it is crow biryani.

Pankaj Tripathi movie list

Pankaj Tripathi Movie list (1)

Pankaj Tripathi Movie list (1)

Pankaj Tripathi New Movie

Pankaj Tripathi New Movie

Pankaj Tripathi New Movie

Pankaj Tripathi’s new filmI am firm’ LateAtal Bihari Vajpayee ji is a biographical film written by Rishi Veeramanu and directed by Ravi Jadhav. In this, Pankaj Tripathi is playing the role of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the lead role. it19 January 2024Will be released on.

pankaj tripathi run movie

When Pankaj Tripathi was given a check for the film Run. So the producer of the film was Sridevi and her signature was on that cheque. Pankaj Tripathi wanted to keep that check safely. Because he was a big fan of Sridevi. But on the other hand he also wanted this money.

Pankaj Tripathi also requested the bank to cancel the check and return it to him after cashing it, but the bank did not listen to him. Apart from this, there is another coincidence related to Sridevi and her. Whom you hardly know, Pankaj Tripathi has played the role of Janhvi Kapoor’s father in the film Gunjan Saxena. And what an inspiring thing it is that at one time he could not even get Sridevi’s signature. And today he was working with his own daughter.

Pankaj Tripathi Gangs of Wasseypur Movie

Pankaj Tripathi’s break through performance in the industry: Pankaj Tripathi’s audition for this role of Sultan in Gangs of Wasseypur lasted for almost 8 hours. Where the casting director made Pankaj Tripathi act all the scenes of Sultan.

Everyone was very impressed after seeing his audition. But Anurag Kashyap did not like Pankaj Tripathi’s audition that much. Later the casting team convinced Anurag that no one other than Pankaj Tripathi would be able to do it and then Anurag also did the real life act. Don’t talk about us, don’t associate us with us, we are different.

When Anurag started meeting Pankaj Tripathi daily during the shoot of Gangs of Wasseypur, he realized how different an actor Pankaj Tripathi is. a

Nurag enjoyed shooting all the scenes of Pankaj Tripathi. Because like Anurag, Pankaj Tripathi also liked to improvise his scenes. After the shooting of the film was over, when the editing of the film was done, Anurag called Pankaj Tripathi and told that Pankaj Tripathi sir, your character has come out very well in the film.

Pankaj Tripathi, instead of being happy, started crying after hearing that people will become your fans when they watch this film. Exactly the same thing happened after the release of Relife, Eva Sepura Hai. Here the pigeon also flies with one wing. And saves his honor from others.

pankaj tripathi movie fukre

Pankaj Tripathi played a comic character for the first time in the film Fukrey. Where he is seen in the role of Panditji. The audience also liked his role a lot, after which Pankaj Tripathi started being signed in many more comedy films.

Not many people know that Pankaj Tripathi was also going to be in the 2004 film Lakshya. It so happened that Pankaj Tripathi was also selected in the film through auditions. Was. Where he went to Ladakh and shot with Hrithik Roshan. It was also a big thing for Pankaj Tripathi that he was getting to work with an actor like Hrithik Roshan. And this news had spread throughout his village, Pankaj Tripathi was also very noisy about the film. And as soon as the film was released, he went to the theater with his family and saw that his entire role was cut. Is. Seeing which he was very sad.

pankaj tripathi movie agneepath

Going forward, Pankaj Tripathi again worked with Hrithik in the film Agneepath where he did not have that big a role. Then in 2018, Pankaj Tripathi is seen in the film Super 30 with Hrithik. Where his role was that of a minister. In a scene of the film, Hrithik’s character asks for help from Pankaj Tripathi. And he refuses them right then and there. While shooting this scene, Pankaj Tripathi reminded Hrithik that they had also worked together in the film Lakshya. Hrithik had almost forgotten this. And then Pankaj Tripathi told him that my role in the film was cut. Was.

Pankaj Tripathi’s film audition story

Like all outsiders, Pankaj Tripathi has also faced a lot of rejections in the beginning of his character. In an interview, he told that assistant directors used to reject me by calling me not fit without even taking my audition. This way I didn’t get a chance to showcase my talent. This decision was taken just by looking at my looks. I was becoming not so fit. I was afraid to go home. Wife should also say not fit

Pankaj Tripathi was struggling for work in films. So it became difficult for him to manage the family finances. At that time, his wife Mridula managed all the responsibilities. About which Pankaj Tripathi himself has told in many interviews. Pankaj Tripathi said that my wife has had the biggest contribution in my journey of becoming an actor.

 He told me. That you go and work hard, I will take care of the household expenses. No. 16 Before coming into films, Pankaj Tripathi has also worked in many TV serials. What most people hardly know is that at that time no one gave him big roles in films. Was. So for his survival he started working in TV serials.

pankaj tripathi movie newton

Pankaj Tripathi is seen in the character of Atma Singh in the 2017 film Newton. Pankaj Tripathi was also given a Special Mention Award at the National Film Awards for this role. Pankaj Tripathi’s character in this film was different from all his other films. Where he has shown the rheology of a soldier very well. After winning the award, he said a very inspiring thing which you all should listen to, it is a very special moment. For me, I have been acting for 20 years. A village child had a small dream. That one has been completed by going to the village today. Thank you so much

Pankaj Tripathi Movie Stree

You all must remember the Aadhaar card dialogue from the film Stree, very few people know that this dialogue was never written. Was. And on the day of shooting, Pankaj Tripathi himself added this dialogue to the scene.

Pankaj Tripathi had revealed in an interview. That in those days he used to get many messages to update Aadhaar card. So from there he ideated the scene. The basis of everything is link. he has a nice chop

Pankaj Tripathi Movie Ludo

Now let’s talk about his recent film Ludo where everyone liked his character of Sat Bhaiya. Even when he was approached for Ludo. Was. So he was not given any lines or dialogues at all, he was just told about his character. Was. And most of the dialogues of the film have been improvised by Pankaj Tripathi himself. Leave this body and then enter a new body, make a fresh start.

Pankaj Tripathi’s story

As we have told you, Pankaj Tripathi used to work in a hotel earlier. One day in the same hotel he met Manoj Bajpayee who had come to stay there for the shooting of the film. As soon as Pankaj Tripathi came to know that Manoj was living there. So he requested the entire staff that he will take care of his food. When Pankaj Tripathi saw Manoj for the first time, he started touching his feet. Pankaj Tripathi used to do theater along with his hotel job. So Manoj was like an idol for him. While leaving the hotel, Manoj had left his slippers there. And Pankaj Tripathi had kept those slippers with himself as a memory. I asked why I had kept it. You brother are Ram ji’s paduka for me. no brother

Film Story of Pankaj Tripathi and Rajinikanth

Very few people know that Pankaj Tripathi has also done a film with superstar Rajinikanth. Pankaj Tripathi is seen in the role of a police inspector in the 2018 film Kaala. He had signed this film only to work with superstar Rajinikanth. Pankaj Tripathi said that I was getting a chance to work in a film with Rajini sir. Was. So I didn’t want to let him go. My role in the film was very less. But there were also my scenes with Sad in it. That was enough for me.

Pankaj Tripathi first movie lead role

The first lead role of Pankaj Tripathi’s career came in the film Gurgaon. In this film he is seen in a dark character. And the role was quite challenging for him. Gurgaon was a flop at the box office but the character of Guruji in We Recommended Secret Games was a very difficult character for Pankaj Tripathi. Pankaj Tripathi had never done such a role before. And they were not able to understand. How would he be able to prepare for the role of a guru? He used to get very nervous even during the shooting. Because his scenes were quite uncomfortable. Therefore, he considers this role to be his most difficult role till date. sacrifices must be made

Which movie does Pankaj Tripathi watch?

You will be surprised to know the fact that Pankaj Tripathi has seen very few films in his life. He had also revealed in an interview. Was. That he has watched hardly 50 films in his life. So I have watched less cinema. It is not that I will have seen 50 Hollywood or World Cinema movies in my entire life.

pankaj tripathi movie masaan

Earlier, Pankaj Tripathi was being given the role of Sanjay Mishra in the film Masaan. While listening to the script, he came to know about the role of Sandhya ji, which he felt was exactly like his own. Pankaj Tripathi told the director that I was liking Sandhya’s role more. Because it talks exactly like me. Hearing this, the directors finalized Pankaj Tripathi in that role and the audience also liked his character in the film if you have seen Masaan. So do tell in the comments that how did you like Pankaj Tripathi’s role in the film, it means it is easy to come here. It is difficult to go from here.

pankaj tripathi movie english medium

Pankaj Tripathi always wanted to work with Irrfan Khan. And he got this opportunity from the film Angrezi Medium. Pankaj Tripathi did not have a big role in the film. But he said that he had signed this film only for Irrfan. That Irfan is my senior in NST. And his career has been an inspiration for me. Pankaj Tripathi liked Irrfan’s films very much, so we always wanted to work in his films. He only studies mathematics, or he has also studied geography.

Pankaj Tripathi’s movies

Before becoming popular, Pankaj Tripathi has worked in many well known films. Such as Abhaan, Omkara, Ravana and many such films in which perhaps even his fans will not remember his roles.

Pankaj Tripathi’s flop films

You must have seen Pankaj Tripathi in films like Singham, Dabangg where even his fans did not like his role. Pankaj Tripathi said that he does such films only for money. And they don’t see any problem in this.

He says that it is difficult to survive in Bollywood by doing only artistic films. Because the audience does not come to watch such films. So when I am offered commercial films. So I accept such films on the basis of entertainment. Many films got wet because nothing is happening right now. No one is calling. She has come walking from the front. Yes

Pankaj Tripathi webseries list

Pankaj Tripathi Web Series

Pankaj Tripathi Web Series

Pankaj Tripathi Webseries Mirzapur

in marjapurcarpet brotherThe character has become the highlight of his career. Pankaj Tripathi had shared in an interview. That there were many abusive words written in the first carpet roll which he did not like and he explained to the makers regarding it that if anything could be said in simple words. So the makers also liked this suggestion that one should not use wrong language and only after this, a lot of abuses from Pankaj Tripathi’s character were again removed.

 Due to which his character has emerged even more in Mirzapur. Nowadays a formula is used in films and web series. Where the characters use very foul language. What is your opinion regarding which there is no need in reality? Do You Think Pankaj Tripathi Was Right in Doing This or Not

pankaj tripathi first netflix movie

Talking about Pankaj Tripathi’s first international project, he worked with Netflix’s Worth and Randeep Hooda. He played the character of a drug lord in the film. Whose child is kidnapped. Pankaj Tripathi’s role in the film was not that big. But starting my international career with Extraction was the right decision.

 In our opinion his role could have been made a little bigger. Due to which the film would have become more popular among the Indian audience. What is your opinion regarding it? You can tell us that in the comments. It’s not a matter of money. Saju, it is a question of respect.

You must have seen many times that a talented actor takes so many films to get noticed in Bollywood. And on the other hand, some actors come into the headlines even before the release of their first film.

Same thing was happening with Pankaj Tripathi also. Where no one was ready to cast him in their films. And whatever role he got. They had to use the same one. Pankaj Tripathi has spent his younger days in struggle.

He started gaining popularity as an actor in his late 30s. Pankaj Tripathi’s story clearly shows you the culture of the industry. Where a talented actor is always ignored for a long time. And he progresses only by playing small characters.

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