IPL Auction 2024 CSK Team Squad Full information

IPL Auction 2024 CSK Squad | IPL Auction 2024 CSK Team SQUAD

Friends, in this article we will knowIPL Auction 2024 CSK Team SQUAD, IPL Auction 2024 CSK team Squad, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s game plan in IPL 2024, whom did CSK buy in IPL Auction? Complete information about

IPL Auction CSK Team SQUAD

IPL Auction CSK Team SQUAD

IPL Auction 2024 CSK Team SQUAD 

CSK batsman: Ruturaj Gaikwad, Ajinkya Rahane, Sheikh Rashid, Sameer Rizvi.

CSK allrounder:  Shivam Dubey, Moeen Ali (England), Ravindra Jadeja, Mitchell Santner (New Zealand), Rajvardhan Hangekar, Ajay Mandal, Rachin Ravindra (New Zealand), Nishant Sindhu, Daryl Mitchell (New Zealand), Shardul Thakur.

IPL Auction 2024 CSK: Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s game plan

On the IPL auction table 2024, CSK Chennai Super King included five big players in its kitty and made up for the shortcomings that they had before the start of IPL 2024, that is, last time Mahendra Singh Dhoni took a weak CSK Chennai Super King. had won the 2023 IPL trophy, so this time he has warned all the teams about a strong CSK Chennai Super King that brother, get ready, this time my team is much stronger than the previous edition.

Whom did CSK buy in IPL auction?

 And these five bets that I have played on the option table should be understood by you and in this article we are going to understand why Mahendra Singh Dhoni has made such a big bet on these players and how these players can beat Mahendra Singh Dhoni on the sixth If we can win the IPL trophy then let us not take much of your time and understand who are those five players.

On whom Dhoni had mentally placed on the IPL action table and how he is seen providing a lot of strength to Man Singh Dhoni’s team. If we talk about the first big player, then the first bet played was on Rachit Ravindra, however. Earlier, he had also run after Travis Head but when he saw that he was now running out of his allocated price, he stopped and said, “Brother, I have a backup option and that backup is Rachit Ravindra.”

Rachit Ravindra is a player of the young New Zealand team who plays spin well, bowls some overs of spin and the most important thing is that the top model middle order can bat anywhere and ODI was very impressive in the World Cup and even more special. Let me tell you that those who will not be a part of the initial playing eleven for CSK have been prepared only as backup options.

 That if anything happens to Moeen Ali, then he is the replacement of Moeen Ali, we will see Moeenali playing and this special thing is the future planning that brother, I am investing in you, I will train you, I will explain to you how Chidambaram pitch plays.

 How to play in IPL, how to play in pressure situations, then when Moeen Ali retires, then you will join my team. Same pipe is like to like replacement and he can bowl to left handers too, so this ancient land is for 1.8 crores. The pick proved to be the best fix of this IPL auction table.

 Now let’s talk about the second player, his name is Lord Shardul Thakur. Last time, if you see the bowling attack of CSK team, then you will see Samarjit Singh there, then after that Tushar Deshpande was in the lamp in some matches and did not play. So there was a very young bowling attack, so this time the weak bowling option had to be strengthened, due to which Shardul Thakur was the first to understand that his fanaticism will prove effective in Chidambaram Stadium and plus he can contribute with batting also.

Due to which he once again remembered his old and forgotten friend and made it his name by bidding Rs 4 crore. Now let’s talk about the biggest pick which CSK Chennai Super Kings made in the biggest village game this time on the option table. It happened that Mitchell made his name by bidding Rs 14 crores and when CSK ran after CSK, everyone was surprised because Punjab Kings had made his name for almost a moment.

 There was bidding with Delhi Capitals and when Delhi Capitals withdrew from the bidding, it was decided that Preity Zinta should go brother, my middle order has become strong, I have got a stable batsman, delay is an example but Mansingh Dhoni’s mind. Now we have to go, at the last moment, we took the garbage in this building and named them after ourselves. Why did we name them? They understand that the middle order is here to stay. We the rest of the riders have retired, so the middle order has become a little fragile. Due to which Lahari’s form is also not good so stay can be thrown out sometime.

There is no try-to but there were some table batsmen who can play spin well and the most important thing is that if you want to bowl some overs, then you can remove the problem of pace, whose stock was included in your team last time. But Stock’s injury hurt him a lot and then after releasing Stock, his like-like replacement delay is taken as an example. He is a very good player, very talented player, plays the screen very well at Chidambaram Stadium. It can leave its mark

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 Now let’s talk about this player after whom there is a bad debt of Rs. 8.4 crores. Investing Rs. 8.4 crores from the best price of Rs. 20 lakhs means this player has a very special ability. His name is Sameer Rizvi from UP. He belongs and in the UP T20 league, he had left a mark, he had hit up to 200 and he is the player who scored the fastest century in the UP T20 league. He had scored 955 runs. His strike rate was around 150, so you can understand that his Why did the investment happen? He is compared to Suresh Raina.

Suresh Raina i.e. Mr. Cricket, who was CSK, Sameer Rizvi has been included in the team as his replacement. It is not right, due to which he can make a place in playing England.

 He plays at number four and the scout of CSK has suggested his name. Like Ayush Bhadohi, he is short making, he plays a lot of straight shots and what can I tell about him, he had got carbon in the T20 league, he had scored two centuries and the fastest century in that. So many batsmen play at number 45 and are very good spin batsmen, they are compared to Suresh Raina and as a young batsman, Mahendra Singh Dhoni wanted the replacement of Suresh Raina in the form of Sameer Rizvi.

And Rizvi is someone who will nurture a better batsman. A bid of Rs 4 crore has been made, that is, in the middle order, Rizvi will be seen, Mitchell will be seen, Shivam Dubey will be seen. He has created a better middle order. And the most important thing is that all the batsmen are better at spin. The batsman asks about complete preparations to play at Chidambaram Stadium.

Now let’s talk about the player, his name is Mustafizur Rahman, you will say what big work he has done by keeping Bhaiya Rahman, then I understand you, what dirty cutter balls does Rahman bowl and if you remember the make number. The pitch that is there is a very successful pitch for the hard hair, here the cutter hair is very effective.

 Due to which we will keep him in our team and will also see him playing i.e. if Party Rana is not seen in the line and gets sidetracked because World Cup 2023 Party Rana did not go well then I can bank on Dhoni over Fizoor Rahman. Dhoni, I can get by with Mustafizur Rahman for Rs 2 crore. I will manage with Deepak Kar and Saldul Thakur. And my team will become absolutely stronger.

 That means Tushar Deshpande, who was proving to be very expensive, was cut off, while Simarjit Singh, who was a bit expensive, was cut off.

 Mustafizur Rahman has come, Shardul Thakur has come, Deepak Chahar has come, Mukesh Chaudhary has come, their opening attack has also become stronger, if we look at the middle order, Mitchell has come there.

 For this reason, after that Rizvi came and did an even more special thing, he prepared the backup option of Rachit Ravindra and in the form of Rachit Ravindra, he prepared the backup option of Moeen Ali. His team has become strong and there is no shortage anywhere.

Rachit Ravindra, Mahendra Singh Dhoni will play as captain and after that there is Shivam Dubey, Rizvi and then if we talk about Mitchell, then after that there is Rituraj Gaikwad. He is seen strengthening the batting and this CSK team is now looking very strong in IPL 2024. And a better team has started appearing on the paper in comparison to IPL 2023, so in today’s report, that’s all, you also comment in the comment section and tell us how you felt about Dhoni’s five big bets.


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