IPL 2024 Auction: MI Mumbai Indians Team Players

IPL 2024 Auction Mumbai Indians | IPL 2024 AUCTION MI | IPL 2024 Auction Mumbai Indians team | IPL Auction 2024 MI Team SQUAD

IPL 2024 Auction MI Mumbai Indians Team Players

IPL 2024 Auction MI Mumbai Indians Team Players

Friends, in this article we will knowIPL 2024 Auction MI Mumbai Indians, IPL 2024 Auction Mumbai Indians, IPL 2024 Auction MI, IPL 2024 Auction Mumbai Indians, IPL Auction 2024 MI Team SQUAD Complete information about.

The same story of every year, Mumbai made the team but this time also there was a shortcoming, that is, what is the shortcoming and where did Mumbai miss? We are going to talk about this in today’s video because for the first time in the history of IPL, Mumbai has played three consecutive seasons. 2021, 2022 and 2023 games and have not reached the finals even once. Before this, Mumbai Indian became champion every alternate year from 2013 to 2020.
But in the last three seasons, Mumbai could not even reach the finals because of poor selection and lack of a good strategy.
Did it happen this time also? In today’s video, we will talk about this because we will talk to you a lot from Mumbai’s retirement to playing eleven. Stay with us.
Hello friends, you are watching IPL Special, today we will talk about Mumbai Indians’ success on the auction tables. Similarly, after Hardik Pandya becoming the captain, he is on the target of many fans emotionally.
In such a situation, what wonders did Mumbai do on the auction table? If we talk about retirement, the biggest retirement was fulfilled in Mumbai. Strong bowling lineup was made stronger. This P was included in the combination of good bowling lineup. Very good bowling lineup. Ki appeared with Mumbai and due to the combination of spin, Mumbai’s bowling unit became stronger.
Mumbai, which was looking for overseas players to strengthen the bowling unit, got South Africa’s Gerald Cards at a very good price.
He is a frontline bowler and will be seen bowling with Jasprit Bumrah. The best thing is that he knows how to bowl at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour.

The performance in the World Cup was very good. He has 66 wickets in his name in 46 matches of T20 domestic circuit.
Although the economy is not looking good but we will look at the strike rate which is more than 13 i.e. Cordisi definitely knows how to take wickets in every 14th game.

Another overseas bowler Dilshan Madhushankar is a frontline bowler of Sri Lanka who has a very good record at Wankhede. Even though Sri Lanka’s performance was not good in this World Cup, the third wicket taker has performed better in the World Cup by taking 21 wickets.
He has had amazing performance in the T20 domestic circuit too, but in the T20 International match, he has taken 29 wickets and the strike rate is a bit bad. And the economy is not very good, but this bowler was very good on the Wankhede pitch.
Went to Mumbai in search of another overseas game pass and this search was completed in the form of Nuwan Thushara, better known as the younger Malinga.
He knows how to bowl very well and has accurate yorkers. Knows how to bowl with good accuracy. Mumbai kept him at a price of more than Rs 4:30 crore, although he does not have much experience in international cricket.
Has taken 6 wickets in five matches, but has bowled very well in the domestic circuit. T10 has done wonders on the grounds of Dubai. Has taken 79 wickets and has 107 wickets in his name in T20 domestic matches.
The best thing is that he is a very good baller and looks like a very good backup.
A good team has been set up here in Mumbai. As an Indian bowler, it has also kept a player like Anshul Kamboj in its team.
This bowler from Haryana has taken 17 wickets. He has represented Haryana in Vijay Hazare Trophy in Under-14, Under-16, Under-19 and Under-23.
Mumbai has also got a very good Indian fast bowler who has 11 wickets in his name in the matches of T20 domestic circuit.
It is not the case that Mumbai Indians have focused only on fast bowlers. Mumbai also kept a very good eye on the spin unit and Mohammed Shami has kept such an eye, he has also been included in his company for Rs 1 crore 80 lakh.
He is a right arm bowler and knows how to bowl better. If ever Mumbai comes to play on the spring track, they would definitely want to play Mohammad Nabi in place of an overseas bowler because he brings with him a lot of experience. He is the only overseas bowler who has played more than 100 T20 international matches. He has taken 87 wickets. The best thing is bowling. Along with knowing how to bat, more than 1800 runs in his kitty are testifying to the fact that he has scored these runs at a strike rate of 137 and another good thing is that he also has the experience of playing IPL. In such a situation, a player like Naman Veer is also included in the team, who also has a good spin ability and can help the team in the form of right arm spinners.
Serious Gopal: Mumbai Indians get very good experience in the form of spin and somewhere Mumbai Indians were looking for a batsman and a player like Shivalik Sharma has also joined the camp of Mumbai.
That is, Mumbai got a very good combination of spin and fast, but if we talk about SWOT analysis of Mumbai, if we look at this time then we will see depth in batting. Rohit Sharma, Ishan Kishan, Suryakumar Yadav, Tilak Verma, Hardik Pandya, Team David, all these are amazing.

The batsman is a player who bats with explosive style. Mumbai’s top 6 amazing batsmen are visible. You are also seen in Mumbai’s top 10 bowling auction. The biggest deficiency which was there in the last 3 years, Mumbai has filled that deficiency on this auction tables. .
Mumbai has got a good combination of bowling and batting, which is the biggest problem for us. The biggest lack of all-rounder is visible in Mumbai Indians. Hardik Pandya is the only one who is seen as a proper all-rounder.
Now you will say that players like Samshna and Shepherd Nehal Vadera are also included in the team who got the status of all-rounder.
But RCB’s Klan is not like Maxwell and Cameron Green and Chennai Super Kings’ Moeen Ali, Ravindra Jadeja, Shivam Dubey and Shardul Thakur. If you look at Sunrisers Hyderabad, you will see a very good list of all-rounders there too.
If we don’t go too far, if we look at Gujarat Titans, we will see very good all-rounders in their list too, but Mumbai Indians do not have such great all-rounders in their list who can be seen giving equal contribution in batting as well as bowling.
However, if we talk about another weekend of Mumbai Indians. Always in the playing eleven: Whenever Mumbai Indians go to design, they will see only six bowlers in their playing eleven.
The biggest thing is that despite being used as impact players, Mumbai will always have six bowlers in the playing eleven and somewhere this is the biggest shortcoming. We have seen this lack in this auction of Mumbai. There are many Indian players in the opportunity for whom the stage is big. Tilak Verma T20 World Cup is ahead. Big performance will have to be done here.

If Ishan Kishan wants to make a place in the T20 team, then he will have to score a lot of runs here. This is a big stage for Neil etc. Looks like a very good opportunity for Akash Matwal also.
But if we talk about shortcomings, then the dependency of the opener player may prove to be costly for Mumbai Indians. Let’s see, Hardik Pandya was injured in the World Cup, how sustained he is and how long he is able to play is a big question?
And attention should also be paid to the injuries of players like Rohit Sharma, Suryakumar Yadav, although Rohit is not injured yet, nor is Surya injured yet.
But suppose if any player gets injured, does Mumbai Indians (MI) have such a big backup or not?
Now friends, let us talk about Mumbai’s perfect playing eleven, which according to us can become the best. In Mumbai’s perfect playing eleven, who will bat the opening pair and manage the team?
Ishan Kishan will be with Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharma is the life of this team, the heartbeat of this team, the heart of this team. He has a lot of experience with him. A lot of runs are seen in his bowler and he has scored these runs only as an opener. Ishan Kishan also plays well for Mumbai. Suryakumar Yadav will come at number three, Tilak Verma can also come, it will be seen according to the situation.
But the top 4 players of Mumbai Indians seem to be fixed and the best thing is that these four are Indian players, I will see Hardik Pandya at number five.
Friends, it is a good thing that he will take charge at number 6 for Mumbai Indians. Team David can play the role of finisher. If Mumbai bats first then I think you can see Nihal etc. batting at number 7. Very good players are also keeping this position. You will see Gerald Courcy batting at number eight because he is seen as an all-rounder.
And it has been seen that he knows how to make a good contribution with the bat too. Jasprit Bumrah will be seen. Dilshan will be seen. Madhur Shanka or it is possible that Mumbai may also try the Jason Barron drop here. Piyush Chawla will be the only wicket spinner of the team. You can see a bowler like Akash Matwal or Nuwan Thusra playing as an impact player with huge experience.
Perfect playing XI of Mumbai Indians and what does our SWOT analysis say about Mumbai Indians? What is your analysis and what could be your perfect playing XI? Do give your opinion in the comment box. Thank you very much.

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