Donkey Movie Collection and Salaar Collection

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Donkey Movie Collection and Salaar Collection

Donkey Movie Collection and Salaar Collection

Friends, the interesting thing is that as we are progressing like Christmas, the graph of Donkey is increasing gradually, so after the launch in a single day, Donkey is giving a large family audience in the cinema halls. Before I talk about Dinky, let me tell you that there is no very good news for Salar. in Salar’s earnings

There has been a decline of about 60%. Friends, the filmmakers had claimed that Salaar earned Rs 175 crore worldwide on the first day, but by the second day, the film had seen a huge decline.

 That decline is about 60% and apart from this, many film trade magazines are also claiming that the producers of Salaar are misrepresenting its earnings.

 Producers are saying one thing in front of the audience, distributors are saying something else, everyone is saying something different and the most important thing is that Salaar has definitely taken a great opening. But the reports regarding it are not very good, hence Salar has fallen by 60% on the second day.

There is a decline of 60% but after the first day, there is a huge decline on the second and third day. But the start of Dinky Dinky has been very slow, friends and the problem with Dinky was that it is not an action film and you know there is more craze among the people for action films.

 At present the Indian audience likes to watch action films, that is why there is not much curiosity about Dunky and then when Dunky was released, many people were saying that it is the magic of Rajkumar Hirani, it works slowly.

 Some people were also comparing it with 3 Idiots, PK, Lage Raho Munna Bhai. And many people were also saying that brother, it is not about 3 Idiots, it is not about PK, the strength of Rajkumar Hirani in the matter of comedy, Dinky is somehow less compared to Rajkumar Hirani’s previous films. Has proved to be weak.

But without family audience it is not affecting it at all. Till now it has earned Rs 210 crores and the most interesting thing is that it opened on Thursday and its earnings on Sunday are much higher than the first day. And this is the guarantee of success of a film, friends, with each passing day the film slows down but as the days are passing by, we are moving forward like Christmas. Housefull banner is rising in Dunki. And the biggest thing is that Salaar is being removed from Hindi multiplexes in many multiplexes. And Dinky is being installed in its place. The condition of Salaar is very poor among the Hindi audience. At present, the craze regarding Salaar is more in the South.

The craze of Salaar is being seen in the film industry in the Telugu language states i.e. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. And you will remember that I told you that if there are 10,000 screens in India, then only two and a half thousand are in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and this is the secret of Salaar’s success.

 But if you go to other states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, there are not very good reports about Salar there too. But by the second day, there is a 60% decline in the collections of Salaar. This is not a very good news, on the other hand, the audience of Dinky is increasing slowly but surely. You don’t need to do anything else.

 Friends, you want to book my show and I am presenting these facts before you. That in Delhi NCR, see in Delhi NCR, yesterday I took a random one, I think it was 4 or 5 pm in the evening, I randomly checked in Delhi NCR, almost every show is housefull.

 At this time, the house is almost full for Donkey and now there is a holiday on the storm of Christmas, which is going to benefit Donkey. Friends, the special thing about Rajkumar Hirani’s films is that the beginning of these films is not very stormy, its charm gradually increases among the people.

 That is, if you look at all his previous films and then in the coming days, the graph of the film kept increasing, in this way, when 3 Idiots was released and after a few days it became a record breaking film, but its start was also not very fast.

 It took a great start but gradually its graph increased with each passing week. The work will last for at least seven or eight weeks and by the time it leaves India, it can easily touch the figure of Rs 300 to 400 crores at least in India. .

And this much money will be used only internationally, so it can be said that when Dinky comes and stops, it can be expected that Dunky will earn at least 700 to 800 crores worldwide and a film whose budget is 100 crores, yes, it is Dinky. It was made for Rs 100 crores, if it ends up earning Rs 700 to 800 crores, it is a big thing given the budget of Salaar.

 And if the film declines with every passing day then it will be difficult for it to achieve this Rs. 450 crores. Just to become a hit the film should earn at least ₹ 900 crores. This film will be considered a hit but It earns only Rs 200 crores and I believe that its caravan will stop at around Rs 600, 700, 800 crores.

 What does this mean that its earning will be less than Pathan, it will be less than Jawan, its earning can also be less than Animal and Gadar and this is not a matter of church because friends, all the films are fast paste action films theme, hence their compaction and there is another good news for Donkey.

 Do you know that the special screening of Dunki is being done at Rashtrapati Bhavan President House i.e. President Draupadi Murmu will watch the film along with his staff and it is being told that Shahrukh will not be present but Rajkumar’s queen and the film’s queen will be present. The author is Abhijat Joshi in both special screenings.

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