CSK Team 2024 new player list

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CSK Team 2024 new player list

CSK Team 2024 new player list

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Friends, IPL 2024 special mini auction ended on 19th December 2023. And Chennai Super Kings had a brilliant performance in this. IPL 2024 action table shows CSK included every player who was needed by Chennai. CSK team was seen ticking every selection box.

Recruitment of three Indian players along with three overseas players and inclusion of Rachit Ravindra and Chennai CSK have got a great combination of overseas players. You can include Mitchell in this and CSK’s opening pair is going to do very well.

 Rachit Ravindra will be seen as the backup in the opening department. And Dally Mitchell looks a very good name in the middle order. Chennai has got an amazingly experienced player in the form of Indian pacer Shardul Thakur. Sameer Rizvi is also an emerging player who is called run machine. And his performance in the T20 league has been amazing.

Chennai has included Mustafizur Rahman in their camp by paying a huge price. Mustafizur Rahman will solve the problem of bowling in the death overs and a batsman like Avinash Aravali became a part of the team. That means Mahendra Singh Dhoni has got a backup as wicketkeeper.

ipl 2024 auction csk players

  • Rachin Ravindra bought by CSK for Rs 1.8 crore
  • CSK bought Shardul Thakur for Rs 4 crore
  • CSK bought Daryl Mitchell for Rs 14 crore
  • Sameer Rizvi bought by CSK for Rs 8.40 crore
  • Mustafizur Rahman bought by CSK for Rs 2 crore
  • Avnish Rao Arveli bought by CSK for Rs 20 lakh

CSK team in IPL 2024

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CSK batsman: Ruturaj Gaikwad, Ajinkya Rahane, Sheikh Rashid, Sameer Rizvi.

CSK allrounder:  Shivam Dubey, Moeen Ali (England), Ravindra Jadeja, Mitchell Santner (New Zealand), Rajvardhan Hangekar, Ajay Mandal, Rachin Ravindra (New Zealand), Nishant Sindhu, Daryl Mitchell (New Zealand), Shardul Thakur.

So friends, let’s start from the beginning and see what wonders Chennai has done on the IPL auction table. Chennai was looking for a good name as a backup in the top order department where Ruturaj Gaikwad, Conway and Ajinkya Rahane were there, although Chennai also has players like Shivam Dubey and Moeen Ali.

 Who bats at number three but there was no backup of one batsman in the opening department. In such a situation, Chennai’s attention went to Rajit Ravindra. Rachit Ravindra is an amazing player and his statistics are also amazing. And seeing his performance in this World Cup, Chennai went towards him.

The best thing is that Ravindra got Chennai for Rs 1 crore 80 lakh. This is a huge win for CSK as they look to be a backup. All in all in the top order department because if Chennai needs an alternative to Conway at some point of time, Rachit Ravindra will definitely be there. And he also bats very well at number three.

 The best thing is that Rachin Ravindra can also handle the responsibility of the middle order, that is, he can bat very well even at number four. If we look at the middle order department, Chennai has players like Shivam Dubey, Ravindra Jadeja and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

 Indian names are definitely seen in the auction but Chennai should definitely be congratulated for what it did in the mini auction. Because a player like Sameer Rizvi has been included in the team here. Sameer Rizvi Friends, he is a name who has performed amazingly in the T20 league, Rizvi has batted very well with his strike rate and scored 455 runs and two centuries. And both their centuries came in explosive style, their strike rate and their style of playing in the middle order looks amazing.

 When the interview took place, Sameer Rizvi expressed his desire to play in the middle order and it seems that Chennai needed an Indian middle order batsman. There was a need for replacement of the ambassador and that replacement seems to be taking place here in the form of Sameer Rizvi.

 However, there is another player in discussion here, yes we are talking about Moeen Ali. However, Chennai won hearts in the form of Indian Pacers. We had said in the video where we had made a video of the target players and had said that Chennai would run towards Shardul Thakur with 100 per cent, the same thing happened. Chennai went after Shardul Thakur. Chennai got a player like Shardul Thakur for Rs 4 crore. That means, along with Deepak, Tushar Desh Pandey, Shardul Thakur is now a part of Chennai and the Indian pace attack is looking very good.

In such a situation, the team also has players like Nishan Sindhu, Mukesh Chaudhary and Simir ji, which means a very good unit of Indian pacers is visible in Chennai. Chennai can show great talent here in the form of Shardul Thakur. Shardul Thakur is a name who has been a part of Chennai and offers a lot of experience.

You can see around 100 wickets in his kitty, his experience is very good, if we include international and IPL then this batsman has played more than 100 T20 format cricket. This bowler has played and the batsman’s name was taken because he sometimes bats at number seven.

 But I feel a small problem here is that after the overseas game, a bowler who bowls at a fast pace. Chennai, the bowler who bowls at a speed of 140 kilometers per hour, probably did not go after it, although there is definitely a spirit like the clay-like Puthiran. It is a bit economical but for the sake of economy, Chennai included Mustafizur Rahman in their team. Who performed very well in T20, his economy of around 7:30 is visible in T20, his very good performance was seen in ODI cricket.

 The best thing is that Chennai bowls well where it was looking for a good bowler in the death bowler. That search may end with Mustafizur Rahman. He will play under Dhoni and will be seen bowling under Dhoni’s guidance. Of course, Dhoni can play very good cricket from Mustafizur Rahman. Mustafizur Rahman’s statistics are very good but it does not matter how well he will be able to perform. However, there is some doubt in the Overseas Department.

A master stroke of Chennai here is that it did not run after very fast overseas bowlers. However, Chennai will definitely feel the lack of a right arm spring bowler here. Because whenever a left hand batsman is seen in the opposition team, Chennai will definitely be seen missing the right hand spin bowler here.

 However, among the left hand bowlers, Rachit Ravindra has joined them and Ravindra Jadeja, Vishal Sant and players like Dishant Sandhu and Ajay Mandal are in support. But a right arm spin bowler who can trouble left hand batsmen, no such spin bowler is seen here.

 Now friends, let’s see what the Chennai team got in this IPL auction 2023. What was Chennai’s profit? The biggest thing is who got very good backups. We have got a very good backup of Rachit Ravindra, Kanve and Rituraj Gaikwad in the form of top order. In this IPL, you will also see Ravindra batting at number three. Chennai has also got Daly Mitchell as a very good option in the middle order. A lot of experience has been gained here and the quota of one or two overs can also be given in the form of bowling by bowling daily.

 As an Indian pacer, a player with a lot of experience also came to the team in the form of Shardul Thakur, who has won more than 80 matches. And have taken more wickets than this. The best thing in IPL is that you can bat also.

 That means, if he joins the team, there will always be depth in batting and this is the biggest plus point of Chennai. But what caused Chennai’s losses? Chennai does not have a fast bowler who can bowl at a speed of 140-145. The right time Indian spinner is not visible in the entire squad of Chennai team and there is definitely a backup in the form of wicketkeeper and batsman.

 But will it prove to be so effective somewhere? Is it too big? Somewhere the bowling unit of Chennai seems to be a little weak. This is my personal view. What is your personal view? Please tell in the comment box.

 How was the Chennai team formed and what could be the perfect playing eleven of Chennai? Please give your opinion in the comment box. Thank you very much.

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